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Q: Do You Have Any Reviews?
A: We just added a new page called Reviews & Installs, linked HERE, we will add more to it as customers send us  their photos and reviews.

Q: Why should I purchase from Specialized Power / Pacific Sun Systems?
A: We think you will agree we are the best all around choice for your LIFEP04 Lithium Battery. After comparing the other (some very risky) options, you will find that we have the most options to choose from, the highest quality, lowest price (on comparable items) and safest checkout process (Paypal). There are many obstacles to consider when purchasing a LIFEP04 battery such as Used LIFEP04 Cells, Poor Assembly Quality and Hidden Shipping Costs (sometimes more than the battery!) to name a few.

Q: What is your warranty and claims process?
A: There is a link above to our Warranty and Claims Process (Warranty and Claims Policy (pdf))

Q: How long will it take for delivery?
A: For 12V100AH and 200AH 15 Business Days, For all other/larger batteries 15-20 Business Days. We find this to be at or above the industry standard, yet will strive to shorten the lead time if possible. At this time guaranteed shipping dates are not available unless noted.

Q: Will I receive regular updates after my order?
A: You will receive one update with Fedex Tracking number usually about 3 days before delivery (so that’s about 13-17 business days after order according to delivery times shown above), much of the lead time is processing, assembly and customization of the Battery Management System when applicable.

Q: Do you have 24V, 36V, 48V or 96V batteries
A: Yes, we can design and build any lithium battery with same standard lead time.

Q: Do you have any lithium batteries made in USA?
A: As of today, there are no LIFEP04 Lithium mines or manufacturers in the USA, buyer beware if any seller claims that. All LIFEP04 is imported.

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: We have been selling Lithium Batteries, first for solar applications (as a dealer of Balqon batteries), since 2010. To our knowledge that makes us one of the first (perhaps the actual first) dealer selling lithium batteries for solar and renewable energy systems to the public. We take pride in that and hope it matters in your decision-making.

Q: I do not see any reviews online, do you have any?
A: We hope that more customers will leave reviews. We also notice many competing LIFEP04 sellers are lacking many reviews as well in this new, but growing industry. To alleviate some of the burden of trust with new customers, we accept paypal, which costs us money from each sale to give you a safe buying medium. While we do have some reviews and plan to add them to a “testimonials” section on our site soon.

Q: How can I be sure I am getting a quality product with quality components?
A: Four Reasons: 1) We have the most sales experience with lithium batteries of any other source, simply put 2010 was the start of this technology. 2) Our manufacturing partners are carefully selected (Quality, Service, Warranty Coverage) and they are the largest battery manufacturers in the world. 3) Through our experience we eliminated the elementary issues the often cause problems in a transaction; such as but not limited to product quality. We have already solved many of the common issues that other dealers are just learning about today. 4) We accept Paypal which is the safest way to buy online, ensuring delivery and quality.

Q: Will the BMS allow charging current to flow through it if the temperature falls below the Operating Temperature Range?
A: The 12V 100AH BMS monitors temp (and will indicate high temp) but the BMS itself does not control temp, or stop charge. The temperature at which the battery packs work depends on the chemical LIFEPO4 itself (all LIFEP04) BMS Functions: 1. Over charge protection 2. Over discharge protection 3. Over Current protection 4. Short circuit protection 5. Over Heat Indicator (Indicator Only) 6. Balance Cells Function. You might want to consider a battery blanket, some type of heater if you will have an uncontrolled charge source below the recommended operating temperature range.

While each battery will have it’s own specification and data sheet, there are some non-variables that are specific to any LIFEP04 Battery such as Life Cycles and Operating Temperature. Below is a clear explanation of both. Please Note: Due to variables in the BMS Settings, other data in the default data sheet is subject to changes. If you need a data sheet for your specific battery, please email us.

Minimum Life Cycles with LIFEP04 = 2000
80% DOD = 3000 Life Cycles, Meaning, the Battery Never goes below 20% Charge
30% DOD = 8000 Life Cycles, Meaning, the Battery Never goes below 70% Charge

Lithium performs better in (reasonably) warmer temperatures within the operating temperature range. For 12V 100AH and 200AH batteries the BMS will only offer a high temperature safety warning, the BMS will not actually stop charge or discharge based on temperature. We do offer custom Battery Management Systems and solutions that will stop charge and discharge based on temperature on larger battery systems and wholesale orders. Please email to inquire within. Please Note: It is important to monitor temperatures with your LIFEP04 battery. For cold temperature applications there are “battery blankets” and other options to consider if needed. Please note: Warranty will not apply to batteries that operate outside of the recommended temperature range.

For Charging: 0°C~45°C
For Discharge: -10°C~60°C
Storage Temp:-5°C~35°C
Recommended Storage Humidity: =75% RH

Q: Generally how long will my order take?
A: If you’re in the continental USA we try get your order to you within 10-12 business days, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico can be longer, and will have additional costs.

Q: Do You Offer Installation?
A: Yes we offer installation by licensed and insured installers, in California only at this time.

Q: Do You Offer DIY Kits Still?
A: Yes we offer complete kits and specialize in battery based systems.

Q: I found a comparable solar product cheaper, can you beat the price?
A: Yes we can beat any competitor on similar products by 3%.


The Buyer is responsible for learning the laws in their location regarding the operation of generators (or anything) in their location. We can sell any generator to any customer, how and where you use it could be subject to laws and codes in your location.  All generators are sold by Pacific Sun Systems for stationary, export or off road use unless otherwise noted.  If you need a Tier 4 Generator, you can browse available models HERE.

**All Taxes, Tariffs and Fees included (No Additional Costs).
**All generators are sold for stationary, export or off road use unless noted or requested by customer.
**Buyer is responsible for learning the laws for operating (of anything, including generators) in their location.
**Sales Tax is only required for Direct Sales paid to Pacific Sun Systems or Pacific Management Group L.L.C.
**Payment for Brokered Sales are made to the OEM Direct via PayPal or Wire Transfer

Q: What is the generator’s engine and other specs?
A: The data sheet is usually shown in the product images or linked in the description. If you need specs for a specific generator please email

Q: How many AMPS is the generator?
A: The Formula to determine that is “amps = watts / volts”

Q: How long will it take for newly built generators for delivery?
A: 21 Days for Assembly plus 14 Days to Port of L.A., 21 Days to Port of Houston, 30 Days to Port of NY or MIA (in most cases).

Q: Do you have any generators available today in-stock?
A: Yes, only used units, mostly non-EPA, 200kw and larger.

Q: What is minimum deposit needed to start my order?
A: 50%

Q: I have never ordered equipment this way, is this safe?
A: Paypal is safer than paying cash or COD, they have a dispute medium, and they are buyer-favored. this is the safest way to order anything online!

Q: Do I need EPA Certificate?
A: Please check with your local laws and codes. Normally in the USA you will need an EPA certificate but there are exceptions.

Q: Do you sell Automatic Transfer Switches?
A: Yes, Please email for a quote on an ATS.

Q: Can you deliver to my door?
A: Yes, we can assist with all phases of the shipping process to meet your needs.



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Q: Are you rated with the BBB?
A: We are not accredited and don’t pay for membership, at this time but we do have an A+ Rating with the BBB based on how we handled the only complaint they have record of.