Pacific Sun Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Generally how long will my order take?
A: If you’re in the continental USA we try get your order to you within 10-12 business days, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico can be longer, and will have additional costs. We will send your tracking information as soon as we have it; usually within 5 business days.

Q: Do You Offer Installation?
A: Yes we offer installation by licensed and insured installers, in California only at this time.

Q: Do You Offer DIY Kits Still?
A: Yes we offer complete kits and specialize in battery based systems.

Q: I found a comparable solar product cheaper, can you beat the price?
A: Yes we can beat any competitor on similar products by 3% or more, guaranteed.

Q: What is the generator’s engine and other specs?
A: The data sheet is usually shown in the product images or linked in the description. If you need specs for a specific generator please email

Q: How many AMPS is the generator?
A: The Formula to determine that is “amps = watts / volts”

Q: How long will it take for newly built generators for delivery?
A: 21 Days for Assembly plus 14 Days to Port of L.A., 21 Days to Port of Houston, 30 Days to Port of NY or MIA (in most cases).

Q: Do you have any generators available today in-stock?
A: Yes, only used units, mostly non-EPA, 200kw and larger.

Q: What is minimum deposit needed to start my order?
A: 30% if paid by Wire Transfer or 50% if paid with PayPal, full payment gets 3% discount.

Q: Can I put a deposit and pay balance at pickup locally?
A: We are manufacturer reps, and you purchase from the OEM direct, All generators must be paid before shipping via paypal or wire transfer (t/t).

Q: Do you have any generators made in USA?
A: Only used models.

Q: I have never ordered equipment this way, is this safe?
A: Paypal is safer than paying cash at COD, they have a dispute medium, and they are buyer-favored.
In fact, I don’t know another dealer offering paypal right now, this is the safest way to order a generator!

Q: Do I need EPA Certificate?
A: Please check with your local laws and codes. Normally in the USA you will need an EPA certificate but there are exceptions for OEMs and other situations.

Q: Do you sell Automatic Transfer Switches?
A: Email for a quote on an ATS.

Q: Can you deliver to my door?
A: We can refer you to freight forwarder, all prices are CIF Port (LA, Houston, NY or MIA, your choice).



Q: How long will it take for delivery?
A: Normally 10-12 Business Days, We aim for 10 days if paid by Cash, Money Order or T/T, 15 days if paid by Card or Amazon Pay.

Q: Do you have any lithium batteries available today in-stock?
A: All batteries ship from the OEM, if we have inventory in SoCal there will be a seperate Ad.

Q: Do you have 24V, 36V, 48V or 96V batteries
A: Yes, we can design and build any lithium battery with same standard lead time

Q: Can I run these in a series (2 x 12V = 24V)?
A: No, we recommend ordering the correct voltage, however you CAN run them in parallell (2 x 12V 100AH = 12V 200AH).

Q: Do you have any lithium batteries made in USA?
A: As of today, there are ZERO Lithium manufacturer’s in the USA, buyer beware if any seller claims that!

Q: What is the difference between LIFEP04 and Li(NiCoMn)O2
A: In terms of output not much, in terms of safety they are both very safe,
LIFEP04 is slightly heavier and larger, with slightly more life cycles.
Li(NiCoMn)O2 has same performance, but is cheaper, lighter and smaller in volume, great for marine applications where WEIGHT is important. We really recommend Li(NiCoMn)O2 for small vessel trolling motors!


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