Cummins KTA50G3 Generator | 1250KVA 50HZ | 1375KVA 60HZ

$175,000.00 $163,000.00

Cummins KTA50-G3 Diesel Generator with Steel Enclosure and Frequency Changeover Switch

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Cummins KTA50-G3 Diesel Generator, Frequency Change-Over Switch, 1250KVA @ 50HZ or 1375KVA @ 60HZ, This unit is built and located in Dubai,  New, 0 Hours, NON-EPA, for use outside of USA,  email

◆ Cummins engine KTA50-G3
◆ Frequency / voltage change-over switch
◆ Close coupled to a Stamford alternator PI734A
◆ Microprocessor control module PLC-8610
◆ ABB main circuit breaker: 4-Phase 2000A
◆ Rotate speed governor: Electrical governor
◆ Excitation System: Self excited
◆ A.V.R.Model: MX321
◆ Key switch
◆ Voltage adjust knob
◆ Emergency stop switch
◆ 1xMains input/ remote communication connector+ 2x paralleling communication connector
◆ Fuel adding device
◆ 2x Ventilation fan+1x cooling fan
◆ 4x12V sealed for life maintenance free battery
◆ Lockable battery isolator switch
◆ 50℃ radiator
◆ Protecting Jacket of Batteries
◆ Oil pump on the engine
◆ Vibration isolators between the engine/alternator and base frame
◆ Dry type air filter
◆ Drain points for fuel tank
◆ 2xFire extinguisher
◆ Ladder
◆ Operation Manual / Specifications

Output Option

Single Phase, Three Phase


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