12 Volt Lithium Battery 1500 Cranking Amps 100 Amp Hour


NEW! Lithium Batteries for Automotive and Motorsport Use!

  • Direct Replacement. For many popular Battery Sizes/Groups.
  • High Power. Available with 1100 or 1500 Cranking Amps.
  • Battery Management System.Built-in each battery.
  • Drop approximately 45lbs! 70% lighter.
  • Proven Superior. The Best LIFEP04 Lithium Batteries on Earth.
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12 Volt Lithium Battery for Automotive and Motorsport applications, 1500 Cranking Amps, 100 Amp Hour Storage Capacity, Only 26 LBS,  12″ x 6.8″ x 8″, will fit all Group 31, Group 94 and Group 48 Applications, Lithium batteries offer stable performance in any application. There is a built in 12V Battery Management System that protects the battery from overcharging, offering ultimate safety. Replace that heavy old Battery with Lithium, it’ll be the last battery you buy.

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With Dimensions of 12 x 6.8 x 8″, This Battery Will Replace:
Group 48(12.1″ x 6.9″ x 7.5″)
Group 94 (12.1″ x 6.9″ x 7.5″)

There is no question lithium is the superior battery technology for any application. They are lighter, take less space and last longer. While the up-front cost is higher than Gel, AGM or Lead Acid the overall cost of ownership is lower over time because you will never have to replace your lithium battery. Below is a quick breakdown of how the different battery technologies match up.

Average Weight per 1500CA Battery:
LIFEP04 Lithium: 26LBS
Gel: 40-45LBS

Estimated Cost per 1500CA Battery:
Avg. LIFEP04 Lithium: $699
Lead Acid: $300-$400

Estimated Life:
LIFEP04 Lithium: 10 Years+
Lead Acid: 3 Years

The Verdict:
LIFEP04 Lithium:  2 times the price but 4 times the estimated life, and half the weight.

Dimensions 9 × 6.75 × 8 in

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