12 Volt Lithium Battery 1500 Cranking Amps 100 Amp Hour


NEW! Lithium Batteries for Automotive and Motorsport Use!

  • Direct Replacement. For many popular Battery Sizes/Groups.
  • High Power. Available with 1100 or 1500 Cranking Amps.
  • Battery Management System.¬†Built-in each battery.
  • Drop approximately 45lbs! 70% lighter.
  • Proven Superior. The Best LIFEP04 Lithium Batteries on Earth.
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12 Volt Lithium Battery for Automotive and Motorsport applications, 1500 Cranking Amps, 100 Amp Hour Storage Capacity, Only 24 LBS, Lithium batteries offer stable performance in any application. There is a built in 12V Battery Management System that protects the battery from overcharging, offering ultimate safety. Replace that heavy old Battery with Lithium, it’ll be the last battery you buy.

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//Warranty (pdf)


Metal Case
295mm x 180mm x 220mm
11.6″ x 7.08″ x 8.66″

Plastic Case
235mm x 200mm x 170mm
9.25″ x 7.87″ x 6.69″

Weight N/A
Dimensions 9 × 6.75 × 8 in
Case Material

Metal Case (11.6" x 7.08" x 8.66"), Plastic Case (9.25" x 7.87" x 6.69")


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