12 Volt 400 Amp Hour Lithium LIFEP04 Battery 12V 400AH


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12 Volt / 400 Amp Hour Lithium LIFEP04 Battery,  True 400AH Rating, Shown in updated white metal case with M10 Screw-In Style Terminals (also available in black), Lithium batteries offer stable performance in any climate or condition for RVs, Campers, Boats and Battery Based Solar Systems. Metal Case Shown in Stock Photo, There is a built in 12V Battery Management System that protects the battery from Over-Charging, Over-Discharging, Overload, Short-Circuit, General Overload and Temp Monitoring, Replace that heavy old GEL or AGM Battery with Lithium, it’ll be the last battery you ever have to buy. Metal Case Dimensions: 20.6″ x 10.6″ x 8.85″, 105lbs, Custom Cases Available, Imported.  EXPECTED LEAD TIME: 20 Days, 4 Year Warranty. To Order use the Paypal button below or email: sales@pacificsunsystems.com

BUY NOW $2750


Such As Outback, Magnum, Schneider, Victron and others!

CSW412, CSW1012, CSW1012-NG, CSW1012W,CSW2012, CSW2012-X, CSW2012-HX, CSW2012-HMWX, 12LP10, 12LP10H, 12LP10HR, 12LP10R,12LP15, 12LP15A, 12LP15AR, 12LP15H, 12LP15HR, 12LP15R, CMW412, CMW1012, CMW1512, CMW3012H, MM612, MM612-U, 12LP10, 12LP10H, 12LP10HR, 12LP10R, 12LP15, 12LP15A, 12LP15AR, 12LP15H, 12LP15HR, 12LP15R, 12/3600N, 12/3600DN, 12/3000N, 12/3000DN, 12/2400N, 12/2400DN, 12/1800N, 12/1500N, 12/1200N, 12/800N, 12/400N, 12Z8NV

Outback Power
FXR2012A, FXR2012E, VFXR2812A, VFXR2612E, FX2012MT, FX2012EMT, VFX2812M, VFX2612EM

12/800, 12/1200, 12/1600, EasySolar 12/1600


Weight 94 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 12.5 in

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