1800kW Cummins Diesel Generator QSK60-G4

Cummins QSK60-G4 Diesel Generator Set

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Cummins QSK60-G4 Diesel Generator with Heavy Duty Radiator,  Available Open Style or with Enclosure, Sub Base Fuel Tank, Set Mounted Exhaust, Battery and Recharge System, Digital Control Panel, Vibration-Free Mounts, Super-Quiet Design, Trailers and Packaging Options available, inquire within.

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Cummins Genset Features
50HZ Prime Power 2050KVA / 1636kW
60HZ Prime Power 2250KVA / 1800kW
QSK60-G4 Cummins Diesel Engine
Smartgen Digital Controller with Fault Protection
Sub Base Fuel Tank – 8 Hour Run Time Standard
Set Mount Exhaust, Battery, Tool Kit, Manuals
1 Year / 1000 Hour Warranty

◆ Open Style: 600 x 220 x 260(mm)
◆ Enclosed Style: 40HQ Container

Generator Type

Enclosed Style, Open Style


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