250kW Volvo Diesel Generator Tier 4 EPA TAD1371VE


250kW EPA Tier 4 Volvo TAD1371VE Diesel Generator

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250kW Volvo TAD1371VE Diesel Generator Tier 4 EPA, 60HZ, inline circuit breaker included, Flexible oil and radiator drain hose, Deepsea  programmable digital controller, 12/24V “Float” battery charger, battery tray and cables, heavy duty radiator, set mount exhaust, price includes sub base fuel tank with 8 hour run-time, many other packaging options available; for details, drawings and data sheets email sales@pacificsunsystems.us

Power Rating
Prime Power: 229KW / 286KVA
Standby Power: 254KW / 317KVA

Features & Highlights
◆ Volvo TAD1371VE Tier 4 EPA Diesel Engine
◆ Deepsea Controller
◆ Marathon Alternator
◆ Heavy Duty 100%-125% rated Circuit Breaker
◆ Heavy Duty Radiator, Set Mounted
◆ Super-quiet Exhaust System, Set Mounted
◆ Emergency stop switch
◆ Vibration Resistant Base Mounts
◆ Operation Manual / Specifications

Packaging and Options
◆Standard Enclosure
◆Super Silent Enclosure
◆Trailer Package
◆Upgraded Fuel Tanks
◆Single or Double Wall Tanks
◆Fuel Tank Delete and Stripped Units for OEM
◆Auxiliary Outlets
◆Spider Boxes and Extensions
◆Upgraded Paint, Color and Branding Options

Why Panda Equipment
◆ Best Generator at the Lowest Price
◆ Top Name Brand Generators and Components
◆ Leading International Dealer since 2010
◆ Customers Include Google, Hyundai, US State Dept, US Navy
◆ For details, drawings and data sheets email sales@pacificsunsystems.us

Output Option

Single Phase, Three Phase


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