9.6kWh Lithium LIFEP04 Battery 48 Volt / 200 Amp Hour


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48 Volt / 200 Amp Hour Lithium LIFEP04 Battery with Battery Management System (BMS),  Lithium batteries offer stable performance in any climate or condition with superior life cycles when compared to Lead Acid, AGM or Gel batteries, Lithium batteries offer 4 times the cost with nearly 10 times the life cycle of most batteries and require zero maintenance. This 48 Volt Lithium Battery is designed for renewable energy storage, backup & standby power, peak shaving and load sharing applications. Includes BMS and metal case.

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There is no question lithium is the superior battery technology for any application. They are lighter, take less space and last longer. While the up-front cost is higher than Gel, AGM or Lead Acid the overall cost of ownership is lower over time because you will never have to replace your lithium battery. Below is a quick breakdown of how the different battery technologies match up.

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Average Weight per 100AH Battery:
LIFEP04 Lithium: 34LBS
Li(NiCoMn)O2 Lithium: 22LBS
Lead Acid: 50LBS
Gel: 60LBS

Estimated Cost per 100AH Battery:
Avg. LIFEP04 Lithium: $950
Avg. Li(NiCoMn)O2 Lithium: $825
Lead Acid: $200
Gel: $250

Estimated Life Cycle at 50% DOD:
LIFEP04 Lithium: 5000
Li(NiCoMn)O2 Lithium: 1000
Lead Acid: 300
Gel: 500

The Verdict:
LIFEP04 Lithium:  4 times the cost of Gel, 10 times the life cycles
Li(NiCoMn)O2 Lithium: 2.5 times the cost of Gel, 4 times the life cycles


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