5kW / 5000W Grid Tie Wind Turbine System


5kW / 5000 Watt Wind Turbine with 12M Guyed Wire Tower

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5KW Wind Turbine System with Grid Tie Inverter, Turbine system features mechanical Yaw, Includes all main parts needed for a 5KW Wind Generator System including Rotor, Blade, Motor, Hub, Controller, Mounting Accessories plus 5kW Grid Tie Wind Inverter! Also included by default is a 12 Meter Guyed Wire Tower. Other towers available. 2 Year Limited Parts Warranty. Detailed Instructions Included. Professional Installation Required. Made in China. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. Price shown is FOB Los Angeles warehouse and includes all tariffs, taxes, ocean freight and other hidden importing fees. For more information not shown please email sales@pacificsunsystems.com

Downloads and Links
//5kW wind Turbine Data Sheet (pdf)
//Find Your Average Wind Speed (Link)

Guyed Wire Tower
Complete base system with 3 blades made of carbon fiber composite that are very lightweight and durable, main rotor, hub and nacelle housing a direct driven permanent magnet generator plus all mounting hardware needed to install complete turbine to the tower of your choice. Main unit available in 50Hz and 60Hz options (see options to upper right).

A Wind System Controller is mandatory for any wind turbine for grid-tie or off-grid use. We offer your choice of Grid-Tie or Off-Grid Controller shown in the options to the upper right. This controller stabilizes the turbines output, much like a solar charge controller does for solar panels. The wind controller will also act as the main interface for your wind system’s important functions and braking systems.

Wind Turbine Tower
Includes a complete 12M Guyed Wire Tower (shown), with detailed installation instructions in any language requested (English default). We have many other tower styles and sizes available including monopole, monopole with hydraulic tilting system and lattice towers.

This system includes our NEW 5kW Grid Tie Inverter, if you are looking for off grid, or grid tie with battery backup we can help, Rest assured that Pacific Sun Systems has every wind inverter produced at the lowest price for both 50Hz and 60Hz applications. sales@pacificsunsystems.com


System Notes

1) All Wind Turbines use grid or battery power for excitation.

2) Have an electrical professional check any and all system suggestions to ensure compatibility for your specific application. Seller is not responsible for incorrect orders.

Incentives & Rebates
Estimated Personal Federal Tax Credit on this system without installation is 30%. To find other local or regional incentives for your new system please search by location at the following website: DSIREUSA.org

It is important that only skilled or licensed professionals perform any installation involving electrical current. Installation available in some areas.

System Choices

Off Grid Battery Based, Grid Tie Without Battery, Grid Tie With Battery


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