6kW Grid Tie Skybox Solar + Battery Backup Bundle


6kW Grid Tie Battery Backup Solar Bundle with Lithium Battery

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This Pre-Designed Solar Grid Tie Battery Backup Bundle includes 6000 Watts of Solar Power + running through the brand new Outback Skybox 5048 5kW Hybrid Inverter and 9.6kW LIFEP04 Lithium Battery bank which requires zero maintenance, this system is the newest all-in-one bundle that comes pre-wired (inverter and charge controllers) and includes all accessories for maximum function right out of the box. This system offers standard grid tie function allowing you to sell excess power to the utility through net metering PLUS the peak shave/load sharing function at times of high usage PLUS battery backup as standby power. Truly an all in one solution! We also include a comprehensive planset for permit application and installation instructions for the advertised price shown. This system will save you THOUSANDS on design and install! This kit includes everything you will need including 6000 Watt Solar Panel Array (subject to availability) plus roof racking for all panels which includes all Rails, Splice Kits, Fasteners, End Clamps, Mid Clamps, Bonding Module Clamps, Stopper Sleeves, Grounding Lugs, Flashing, Mounting Feet , Bonding, and Brackets. For ground mounting the solar panels you will need to purchase blocks and ground posts at an additional cost.

1 x Outback Skybox 5048 Inverter
1 x 6kW Solar Panel Array with Racking Kit
1 x 150ft PV Wire, 10AWG, Black 600V
1 x 9.6kWh LIFEP04 Battery Bank
1 x System Design/Planset for Permitting ($500 Value!)


A grid tie solar system is the most common type of solar system. Alone, it will not require batteries but modern systems now incorporate batteries to offer more function and faster return on investment. A Grid-Tie system is linked to your local power utility’s electrical grid and any excess power generated by your solar is sold to the utility to help reduce your power bill, or even generate revenue (or bill credit).

This system will also allow you to run completely on battery power in the event of a power outage. You also have the option of connecting a generator to assist in recharging your batteries for the added security.

A load shave period can be set (ex: 3pm to 6pm) according to your usage and application needs. This can often be referred to as Load Leveling, Peak Shaving or Load Shaving. During that period you can limit the usage from the grid to a chosen amperage while accessing stored battery power to assist in powering that load

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System Choices

Off Grid Battery Based, Grid Tie Without Battery, Grid Tie With Battery


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