8kW Wind / Solar Hybrid System / 2kW Wind Turbine +6kW Solar


8kW Wind / Solar Hybrid Grid Tie Battery Backup Bundle , 6kW Solar / 2kW Wind

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This Wind / Solar Hybrid Grid Tie Battery Backup Bundle includes 6000 Watts of Solar Power + 2000 Watts of Wind Power running through a Pre Wired 8kW Outback Inverter System (FPR-8048A-01) which includes: GS8048 Inverter + Load Center GSLC175PV1-120/240 + (2) x FLEXMax 80 Charge Controller + (2) x 175A Inverter Breaker + (2) x 80A PV Breaker. This kit includes (18) 310W – 350W Solar Panels (subject to availability) plus roof racking for all 8 panels which includes all Rails, Splice Kits, Fasteners, End Clamps, Mid Clamps, Bonding Module Clamps, Stopper Sleeves, Grounding Lugs, Flashing, Mounting Feet , Bonding, with 4 screws, Actual Final Design could effect BOM and price, blocks and ground posts additional, batteries required and are not included, please choose from our many battery options including Lithium, Lead Acid and Gel from top name brands.

1 x Outback FPR-8048A-01 Pre Wired, Radian 8kW Inverter System
1 x 2kW Wind Turbine with 12M Guyed Wire Tower + Controller
18 x 310W – 350W Solar Panels (top brand, subject to availability)
1 x  Complete 18 Panel Roof Mount Racking System (all racking types available!)
*Batteries Not Included, Email for Free Consultation on Battery Sizing!

2000 Watt Wind Turbine System and 12M guyed wire tower, can be used for grid-tie or off-grid applications with proper controller selection,  NSK Brand high quality bearing for guaranteed long life,  perfect for hybrid applications, includes complete system plus manual and tower installation instructions at time of purchase, please allow 4 weeks for delivery on all new wind systems, 1 year international parts warranty included, this is an industrial duty wind turbine system sourced from a trusted supplier who participated a US DoD wind prototype in 2016.











Pre Wired 8kW Outback Inverter System (FPR-8048A-01) makes installation EASY!


Lead Acid
Lead Acid batteries will require the most maintenance over time but are by-far the least expensive and still very reliable if properly cared for.  Pacific Sun Systems suggests the Trojan L16G-AC which is a popular and cost effective Deep Cycling battery especially good for off-grid, where the battery will maintain it’s health through the daily charge and discharge cycle. If you want the most inexpensive way to get your system started and are ready for the proper maintenance, another good option is the US Battery US185HC-XC2 (12V/220AH).

Sealed AGM
Sealed AGM Batteries are sealed with electrolyte held captive by glass mat and will not require as much attention or maintenance over time as a lead acid battery, and are still fairly cost effective. The Sun Xtender PVX-4050HT is our suggestion for the best VRLA-AGM Deep Cycle Battery for Off Grid and Grid Tied Systems. The  Sun Xtender PVX-4050HT comes with the industries best warranty, at 5 years! Other good options include Fullriver DC250-6 (6V/250AH) and Crown Battery (6V/390AH), which will have a slightly lower price tag, however slightly shorter warranty period.

Gel Batteries
Gel batteries are sealed with gel electrolyte and are very low maintenance and in the right application, could offer more life cycles and higher efficiency than Lead Acid or Sealed AGM Batteries. Gel batteries are suggested for applications that will not have huge swings in the charge and discharge current due to their low charging voltage and susceptibility to overcharging (especially in wind (or hybrid wind/solar) applications). If your system will have a similar and consistent charge current over time, and you decide GEL Batteries are best for your application Pacific Sun Systems suggests Universal Battery UB4D (180AH) or UB8D (250AH)

Lithium Batteries
LIFEP04 or Li(NiCoMn)O2 are the two main choices for Lithium batteries. While LIFEP04 is thought to be the most popular with highest life-cycles, Li(NiCoMn)O2 is lighter, produces less heat and is slightly cheaper than LIFEP04. For renewable energy use, most lithium batteries are custom made to suit each application and system as off-the-shelf Battery Management Systems could fail due to some of the variables in a renewable energy system such as drastic swings in charge and discharge rate. If you decide upon the superior life cycle and zero maintenance of a lithium battery, Pacific Sun Systems offers 12V/100AH Li(NiCoMn)O2  Batteries starting at $699.


System Choices

Off Grid Battery Based, Grid Tie Without Battery, Grid Tie With Battery


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