7kW Grid Tie Solar + Load Leveling + Battery Backup


Schneider Conext XW+ 6.8Kw Inverter Kit, with or without optional charge controller

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This all in one system works like a standard grid tie solar system, allowing you to feed power back to the grid to sell to your utility company PLUS will allow you to access stored battery power to assist your power load during peak usage, or to run completely off grid in a an outage on battery backup. The future is now! This battery based grid tie + load shave + backup system is truly an all-in-one solution.

A grid tie solar system is the most common type of solar system. Alone, it will not require batteries but modern systems now incorporate batteries to offer more function and faster return on investment. A Grid-Tie system is linked to your local power utility’s electrical grid and any excess power generated by your solar is sold to the utility to help reduce your power bill, or even generate income.

A load shave period can be set (ex: 3pm to 6pm) according to your usage and application needs. This can often be referred to as Load Leveling, Peak Shaving or Load Shaving. During that period you can limit the usage from the grid to a chosen amperage while accessing stored battery power to assist in powering that load.

Courtesy of http://battery.na4b.com

This system will also allow you to run completely on battery power in the event of a power outage. You also have the option of connecting a generator to assist in recharging your batteries for the added security.



System Components
Schneider Conext XW+ 6.8Kw 120/240v Inverter 48v Charger
Schneider XW System Control Panel (SCP)
Schneider Conext XW Power Distribution Panel
(1) DC Breaker Panel 865-1016 + (1) AC Breaker Panel 865-1017
(1) Schneider Battery Monitor 865-1080

Other Popular Compatible Products
Conext Automatic Generator Start 865-1060
Conext ComBox 865-1058
Conext Battery Fuse Combiner Box 865-1031-01
Conext Configuration Tool 865-1155-01

Add Charge Controller

No Charge Controller, Conext MPPT-60-150V Charge Controller, Conext MPPT 80A 600V Charge Controller


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