Power-One PVI-USB-RS485-232 Aurora Signal Converter


PVI-USB-RS485-232, RS485 to USB/RS232 for PC Interface

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RS485 to USB and RS232 for PC Interface. The PVI-USB-RS485-232 signal converter is the entry-level tool for Power One Aurora inverters monitoring. The PVI-USB-RS485-232 is based on FTDI FT232RQ microcontroller, USB2.0 standard compatible. The variety of available drivers makes the converter suitable to be used with the most common OS.


The communication port to the inverter is isolated respect to the USB (isolation voltage: 2500Vdc), it’s compatible with Power One Aurora communication protocol and can be set as RS232 or RS485. The PVI-USB-RS485-232 is self-powered through USB port which is connected. It is suitable for the communication with string or central inverters to get communication and monitoring with the following software:

  • Aurora Communicator (rel. 2.8.x or later) – String or central inverters monitoring;
  • Aurora Installer (rel. 3.1.4 or later) – String inverters configuration and monitoring;
  • Aurora CVI Central (rel. U.0055 or later) – Central inverters configuration and monitoring;
  • Aurora Stringcomb Installer (rel. U.0045 or later) – String combiner boxes configuration and monitoring.


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